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Titel: CODESYS compiler output file
Beitrag von: bdn am 29. Dezember 2021, 21:46:27
I would like to say thanks for providing the library. It is great source for me when starting with CODESYS.
My question is regarding the compiler. When the CODESYS IDE compiles the IEC61131 program is there any way to see the result? I mean the output file?
Like in C you can debug the object code if you like.
I have installed CODESYS IDE V3.5 and writing some basic programs. I also have PLC at my hand where I can run and test the program in runtime.
PS: I can read German text but cannot write well as I live abroad.
Titel: Re: CODESYS compiler output file
Beitrag von: mattsches am 04. Januar 2022, 12:50:52
There is no way I know of how you can get hold of the compiler output as a file. And there is no use for it, at least not for debugging the PLC code. For that, you just transfer your program into the PLC and do the debugging in the programming editors while online. Don't see how any intermediate file format would help there.

P. S. This is not OSCAT related, don't expect many responses here. I guess you're better off in the SPS forum. in which you already posted (https://www.sps-forum.de/threads/einsteig-mit-festo-cecc-s-und-codesys.106211/) (http://(https://www.sps-forum.de/threads/einsteig-mit-festo-cecc-s-und-codesys.106211/)).