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Modulentwicklung / Re: Philips Hue
« am: 22. Januar 2020, 16:06:10 »
I think it is great what you guys are doing!
Looking out for the final result.

Modulentwicklung / Re: Philips Hue
« am: 17. November 2019, 14:16:34 »
Hi Sergej,

Thank you for the response.
ethernet.lib does not exists in Twincat. I'm stuck I think...

Modulentwicklung / Re: Philips Hue
« am: 15. November 2019, 17:11:58 »

I've tried to use the library of Sergej, sadly it is only for Wago.
Any support for Beckhoff?
Or can anyone give me an example how the string should look in the http-get demo?

BECKHOFF / Re: Send/receive string with UDP
« am: 24. April 2019, 15:08:36 »
OK, a small succes for now.

With the fb IP_Control, it is possible for me to sent a string to a predefined IP address.
I'm starting the transfert by setting IP_C.C_ENABLE to TRUE.

For testing, I sent an UDP string to my pc, where an app "UDP Client Server" is running.

However, as long as C_ENABLE is TRUE the same string is transfered again and again.
How can it be adapted so that the transfer stops after 1 transfer?

BECKHOFF / Re: Send/receive string with UDP
« am: 23. April 2019, 20:47:53 »
Hi peewit,
thank you for the quick response, as usual.

It's too hard for me to understand this udp transfer, it's too long ago that I was in this kind of programming, my fault...
Is it possible to give me an example on how it's done?

BECKHOFF / Send/receive string with UDP
« am: 21. April 2019, 15:47:29 »
Hi there,

I'm trying to send this string: '20 00 00 00 16 02 62 3A D5 ED A3 01 AE 08 2D 46 61 41 A7 F6 DC AF D3 E6 00 00 1E' of hexadecimal values over UDP to an IP address.
I should receive this answer: '28 00 00 00 11 00 02 98 D8 63 35 D2 EA F6 C3 DC 00 01 7B 02 00' for further analysis.

I think I could use the http demo example for this, however, I do not understand the url_text syntax for this.
Can you point me in the right direction?

BECKHOFF / Connection with Influxdb - cURL
« am: 12. Januar 2018, 20:12:16 »

I'm trying to connect with Influxdb HTTP API.
The working cURL command on my debian system is: curl -i -XPOST 'http://localhost:8086/write?db=mydb' --data-binary 'cpu_load_short,host=server01,region=us-west value=0.64 1434055562000000000'

I've tried the same command in the http demo, but there is a http get 252.
What is the syntax for using cURL?

Codesys 2 / Rasberry Pi DLOG_FILE_CSV_DEMO
« am: 09. März 2017, 16:09:28 »
Hi, I'm trying to get the DLOG_FILE_CSV_DEMO to work in codesys 3 on a raspberry PI.
If I compare the running program with a Beckhoff CX, i notice that the timestamp does not change on the PI.
Also the filename stays the same and the file is not written on the SD card. There are no errors.
- What is wrong with the timestamp in the real time view, it stays like '#A-#D-#H-#N:#R:#T'
- What is the format to write to the sd card of a raspberry Pi on linux?

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